Nomura Asset Management Gruppe

Die Nomura Asset Management Gruppe ist ein führender globaler Asset Manager. Das Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Tokio und Niederlassungen u.a. in Singapur, Malaysia, Hongkong, Shanghai, Taipeh, Frankfurt, London und New York beschäftigt weltweit 1.375 Mitarbeiter und ist seit über 30 Jahren in Europa tätig.

Nomura Asset Management bietet eine umfassende Palette an Investmentstrategien an wie beispielsweise globale, regionale und länderspezifische Aktienstrategien, High Yield Anleihen und globale Rentenstrategien.


Corporate Principles

Nomura Asset Management’s primary mission is to offer professionally managed investment products that correspond to the diverse needs of our diverse client base. We aim to deliver the best possible investment performance, backed by an exceptional level of client service.

1 Maximizing Value

Nomura Asset Management aims to maximize added value for our clients‘ investments through our total commitment to highly professional research and portfolio management operations spanning a wide range of asset classes and global markets.

2 Advanced Expertise

In an industry where knowledge, expertise and integrity are of paramount importance, Nomura Asset Management relies on the skill and professionalism of its people – these are our most vital assets. By nurturing professional career development and encouraging specialization within our various business areas, we can harness the creativity and vitality of our staff for the benefit of our clients and for the long term growth of our business.

3 Confidence and Responsibility

At Nomura Asset Management, we understand the importance of high ethical standards, and our fiduciary duty is therefore central to our relationships with our clients. We strive to earn the lasting confidence of our clients while acting with a clear sense of corporate responsibility wherever we do business. These are the principles that have guided our firm for more than 50 years. In the years to come, Nomura Asset Management will seek to develop products that address the needs of a sophisticated global client base, by applying the most advanced investment technology available. We continually augment and strengthen our research and investment capabilities; our risk management and compliance systems are thorough, and we excel at providing comprehensive and carefully tailored client Services. These qualities enable us to adapt and respond rapidly to changing needs and circumstances.