Management – Nomura Asset Management Europe KVG mbH


Magnus Fielko

Member of the Board / Managing Director
Chief Executive Director

Magnus Fielko has been CEO of Nomura Asset Management Europe KVG mbH since 2018 and is responsible for Operations, Risk & Compliance and Administration.

After holding various positions in industrial and financial companies, he joined the company’s fund accounting department in March 1997. He took on various other management tasks and further developed and expanded the areas of reporting and fund risk measurement, among others. In 2009, Mr. Fielko was appointed CAO (Chief Administration Officer) and in 2010 to the Executive Board.

In 1993, Mr. Fielko passed his vocational training as merchant (“Kaufmann”). Furthermore, he holds a degree of a Certified Banking Specialist (Chamber of Commerce) from the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany.



Peter Ball

Member of the Board/ Managing Director
Global Head of Distribution 

Peter Ball has been Member of the Board (Geschäftsführer/Managing Director) of Nomura Asset Management Europe KVG mbH since April 2022.

He joined Nomura Asset Management in 2018 as Head of Distribution for the EMEA region. Previously, he held various management positions at asset managers, including JP Morgan Asset Management and most recently Kames Capital, where he was responsible for the acquisition of their holdings in La Banque Postale Asset Management, among others. He began his career at Towers Perrin after graduating from the University of Exeter with a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics.



Dr. Recai Günesdogdu

Head of Portfolio Management
Board Member

Dr Recai Günesdogdu has been Board Member and Head of Portfolio Management at Nomura Asset Management Europe KVG mbH since May 2024.

He joined Nomura Asset Management in 2016 in charge of managing the Emerging Market Local Currency Debt Fund as a member of the Global Emerging Market Bond Team. He successively took over as the lead portfolio manager of the Emerging Market Local Currency Debt Fund (January 2020) and Asian Bond Fund (October 2020) and the management of the Emerging Market Debt Team in October 2020 and, additionally, acted as Head of Investments at NAM EU from December 2021.

From 2008 until 2016 he served as Head of Fixed Income and Structured Products Sales/Trading at IS Investment, the investment banking arm of IS Bank in Istanbul. Previously, Dr Recai Günesdogdu was responsible for investments at Aurelius Capital Management (Vienna), Director of Fixed Income Portfolio Strategies and European Structured Product Research at Credit Suisse (London) and Emerging Markets Strategist at Chase Securities (London, New York). Dr Recai Günesdogdu is a graduate of the Turkish Naval Academy and gained his Master of Philosophy and Doctorate in Financial Economics from the City University of New York in 1998.