ESG – Sustainable Investment


The EU Regulation on sustainability-related disclosure requirements in the financial services sector (SFDR) requires financial firms to disclose how sustainability is integrated into their business and processes and to make new public and customer-facing disclosures on sustainability issues.

Nomura Asset Management Co, Ltd (“NAM”) is a leading global asset manager for some of the world’s largest institutional investors and is headquartered in Tokyo with overseas subsidiaries in Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, New York, Shanghai and Taipei.

Nomura Asset Management Europe KVG mbH (“NAM EU”) is one of NAM’s subsidiaries. We believe that investing in securities that exhibit sustainable returns and/or cash flows best serves the needs of our clients. In addition, we recognise the role of ensuring that capital markets function for the benefit of society in general. NAM EU therefore seeks to manage the business sustainably and to invest in securities issued by sovereigns, companies and institutions that also operate sustainably.

On this page you will find information on the topic of sustainable investment, including the disclosures that we are obliged to make as an investment management company (KVG) under the SFDR.




Product-specific disclosures pursuant to Art. 6 et seq. SFDR can be found in the prospectuses (UCITS) or pre-contractual information pursuant to § 307 KAGB (AIF).


Information on sustainability investment regarding Nomura Funds Ireland PLC and its sub-funds can be found on the Nomura Asset Management UK Limited website.