American Century Global Growth Equity Fund
a sub-fund of Nomura Funds Ireland

The American Century Global Growth Equity strategy is designed to generate alpha using a time-tested growth philosophy and process that helps us to identify companies early in their growth cycle. Our goal is to construct a portfolio of global stocks that are experiencing accelerating growth that we believe to be sustainable over time.

Investment Approach

The strategy seeks to invest in companies demonstrating accelerating growth with market capitalizations of $3 billion or more located primarily in developed markets including the United States.

  • Centers on the belief that accelerating growth in earnings and revenues, rather than the absolute level of growth, is more highly correlated to stock price performance.
  • Directs us to research different companies than other growth managers, as we do not require an absolute threshold of earnings or revenue growth.
  • Allows us to take advantage of both the normal price appreciation that results from a company’s earnings growth and the market’s re-rating of a company’s price-to-earnings multiple.



Potential significant risks

International investing involves special risk considerations, including economic and political conditions, inflation rates and currency fluctuations.

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Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to achieve long-term capital growth through investment in an actively managed portfolio of global Equity and Equity-Related Securities.

Fund Size

USD 74.0  million (as at 31.08.2023)

Investment Company

Nomura Asset Management U.K. Ltd.

Fund Managers

Keith Creveling, CFA, Co-Chief Investment Officer – Global Growth Equity, Senior Portfolio Manager,
American Century Investments
Brent Puff, Senior Portfolio Manager, American Century Investments
Ted Harlan, CFA, Portfolio Manager, American Century Investments

Launch Date

02.08.2019 / 14.04.2010

(This fund was launched on the 2nd August 2019 as a result of the merger of the American Century SICAV with Nomura Funds Ireland plc. The launch date (14.04.2010) refers to the launch date of the original fund.)

Base Currency



Equity – Global


MSCI AC World Index


Ireland (Nomura Funds Ireland plc)

Fund ISIN Annual
Class A EUR IE00BJLNC599
Class A USD IE00BJLNC482
Class I USD IE00BJLNC938

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As per January 2023

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